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Samantha Bee

Politics and punchlines might not be a good combination for most comedians, but not for Samantha Bee. Your favorite woman has mastered the skill of combining her humor and charm with some tasty political satires that leave the audience laughing at the edge of their seats. If political jokes and commentaries crack you up, seeing her on October 21 at Pittsburgh's Byham Theater is a must. Catch the acclaimed comedian as she brings her "Your Favorite Woman: The Joy of Sex Education" tour to The Steel City. Prepare to be laughing the night away as you hear Samantha make fun of everything and anything under the sun. From talking about the absurdities of daily life to discussing political headlines plaguing the nation, Samantha will not disappoint. Regardless of whether you are a die-hard fan or you simply want to spend your weekend evening with some good laughs with friends, this is the show for you. Reserve your tickets today by hitting the "Get Tickets" link.

Samantha Bee is a popular award-winning television host, comedian, and writer who sparked her flare in the early 2000s. Considered one of the most influential people of the generation, Bee saw to it that she took on the role of primarily media, the arts, and political commentary. Bee is not afraid to be one of the boys as the Canadian-American's 12-year tenure on "The Daily Show" has given voice to all the women who have wanted to take on the political establishment. She did not stop for a second thought as her career went full force in its inception in 2003, as the only female host on the popular show with commentaries as quick as a whip and a comedic touch to it that has both wit and delivery.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Samantha Bee attended McGill University for one year, eventually leaving for the George Brown Theater School in the city. Jumping from one to another as an aspiring actor in the industry, at the age of 26, Bee toured with a stage production of Sailor Moon, where she played the titular role. Before taking on the mantle as the first, and, for a long time, the only woman on the show, Samantha Bee hurdled through the media industry in a creative and vigorous spree. Bee found tremendous creative success as a founding member of the Toronto-based sketch comedy group "The Atomic Fireballs." Consequently, it earned her the title of the spunky host of "The Daily Show." Her growing popularity enabled her to win various acting roles in "Whatever Works" in 2009, "Bored to Death" in 2011, and even as an unforgettable character in an episode of "Law & Order." In 2015, she ended her tenure with "Daily Show" - which, at 12 years, was the longest by any regular correspondent - to create and host her news series, "Full Frontal." The show was a sounding success, receiving the 2017 Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special. That same year, Bee was included on Time magazine's list of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Samantha Bee encourages anyone to write, write, write! To whoever wants that comedian slash, a political commentator may be challenging. Now, she's holding the career path as she takes on the extension of her work in her 2023 "Your Favourite Woman" tour. Meet the lively and spirited Samantha Bee at the Byham Theatre on the 21st of October for more news and laugh-out-loud updates. Get your tickets now!

Samantha Bee at Byham Theater

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